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Krav Maga Now Taught at National Karate!

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What is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga is an adult self-defense system developed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) that is used by many law enforcement and intelligence organizations worldwide.  Krav Maga uses techniques sourced from martial arts skills but is taught in a simple to use method designed to quickly subdue an attacker.


Krav training also includes training in situational awareness to help students understand one’s surroundings to identify potential threats.  There is also a lot of pad work in Krav to develop power in strikes which results in an excellent work out.

Krav Maga and Movies

Krav Maga has swiftly become a favorite among actors and stage combat directors as an extremely realistic form of training and fight scene choreography in recent years. It’s favored in training because of its reality-based techniques and fitness benefits and it translates to movie fight scenes well because if the situational self-defense that is the hallmark of Krav Maga. Chances are you’ve seen Krav Maga being showcased in numerous films.

Daniel CraigJessica ChastainTom CruiseAshton KutcherJohn Mayer, and Hilary Swank are only some of the A-listers learning Krav Maga to stay in shape and to prepare for films.

Jennifer Lopez says this about her training…“[Krav Maga] levels out the playing field between men and women…Where it doesn’t matter how big or tall or strong you are. You can actually maneuver around that. It’s about getting out of the way, counter attacking and using whatever you can to get the upper hand.”

How does Krav compare to National Karate?

Because National Karate is an “Americanized” form of martial art, there at a lot of similarities between NK and Krav  – both are striking arts. From a style standpoint it’s really similar to what we do.  The difference is that the Krav Maga program will be all about self-defense and striking pads but does not include uniforms, belts, form or sparring. And it won’t be taught to kids. It will be an adult only environment (18 years and up).

What made you decide to teach Krav Maga?

There are a lot of adults who want to learn self-defense but are hesitant to join a traditional martial art.  For instance, our self-defense seminars are in very high demand. This year we have done so many Self-Defense Seminars in High Schools, Corporations, Park Districts, Churches, even Self-Defense for the elderly.  We have had huge numbers do our Women’s Self-Defense Seminars.  And in almost every circumstance people express a desire to learn more self-defense after the seminar but are adamant about NOT joining Karate or Tae Kwon Do. I think there is a false perception that Karate is a “kid’s activity” so many adults are hesitant to even give it a try.  So adding Krav to our schedule allows us to help adults learn to protect themselves and focus on self-defense and exercise in a class that they will feel comfortable in.  Getting a Black Belt is a very special achievement, but its not for everyone.  (I’ll talk about this more in another blog.)

The bottom line is that we are living in a dangerous world of school shootings, workplace violence, gang activity and lone wolf terrorism.  Self-defense is a skill that everyone needs today.  It is like an insurance policy.  You hope that you never need it, but you wouldn’t want to be caught without it.

How did the National Karate Instructors learn Krav Maga?

We partnered with the Krav Maga Association and trained very hard and got certified. Since our Instructors are among the most skilled fighters and martial arts strikers in the country, this was not a difficult transition for them. In fact, they really enjoy the Krav training and are excited to teach it in our schools.

How can people give it a try?

We will be handing out guest passes for one free week of Krav classes so people who are not students can give it a try. If our current students bring a friend they can try it for free too. Current students can ask their Instructors for more details and to get guest passes for their friends. Click Here to request a Free Guest Pass


What should people wear in the Krav Class?

They can wear regular work out attire, sweats, shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts etc. But please no tank tops or short shorts. There is a lot of kicking and punching and grabbing – you don’t want body parts popping out of your clothes.

When Do Classes Start?

We are going to kick off our Krav program in January 2017.  Ask your Instructor to see when the classes are held at your school.

Here is a short video showing what a Krav Maga class would look like.

Watch a Krav Maga Workout!

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Author: Master Cristian Nelson