Industry Leading Martial Arts Program For Children

Industry Leading Martial Arts Program For Children

Foster essential life skills for your kid’s success in school, at home, and in social environments.

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National Karate has helped so many children in our community become stronger, more confident and focused.
Come see for yourself how our industry leading children’s curriculum can help your child!

Benefits of Taking a Martial Arts Class with Us

If you want to enroll your child in a martial arts class but you don’t know where to start or what the benefits are, then you have come to the right place to learn more. Our team is vastly experienced when it comes to martial arts and we understand the advantages that your child could take advantage of, especially when it comes to their overall development. With years of experience and a team who cares about nothing more than your child’s general happiness, you know that you can count on us to provide the best experience possible.
Does your child struggle to sit still or pay attention in their school classes?
Would you like to help them stand up for themselves or make thoughtful decisions without rushing into things?
Teaching them life skills through a class can help. Some of the benefits that come with taking a youth martial arts class with us include:

Mastering the arts takes work but the sense of achievement children will feel when they earn their belts will work wonders for their confidence. When your child gets to a new level, this will give them an incredible sense of accomplishment and it will also work well for their mental development. For some children, it may be the first time in their life that they have ever achieved and set a goal themselves, not to mention they also have the ability to defend themselves should the need arise.

Self-defense classes are truly ideal if you want to instill some discipline in your child. First of all, taking self-defense courses from a professional can help them understand emotional control, and it also gives them the chance to set some personal boundaries. Acting recklessly will impact their progress but by practicing the arts, you can help them come to grips with the idea of controlling their emotions and behaviors, while also having the chance to channel them in a way that is truly positive. Your child can also see the positive impact that comes with seeing a challenge through to conclusion.

Success usually comes as the result of good decision-making. This is another reason why kids’ karate is so great. Youth martial arts help your child expand their options, and it also allows them to think, and then react to a situation. If they are in a self-defense grab for example, then they will have to decide which way they want to move so they can get the advantage over their opponent. This can be applied in an educational or social setting, as it gives them the chance to make good decisions when under a lot of pressure.

Karate for kids really does demand the highest level of respect, especially amongst practitioners. From the second a child walks into the dojo, they then have to follow social etiquette when they interact with the other students as well as their school peers. They will have to support other students and they will learn the martial arts code of how to honor one another. Students will thrive in an environment of mutual respect where they will show respect to other students and their sensei (instructor) and in turn the sensei will model respect by showing respect to the students. By encouraging a child to show respect at all times, you can then help everyone to work toward a common goal and you can also help them to learn new things too. What’s more, learning to work as part of a team is crucial for the workplace environment which they will experience later in their life.

The general complexity of martial arts means that a huge amount of teaching is required before they can begin to put things into practice. Your child will have to learn and listen, and they will have their concentration put to the test when the time comes for them to apply what they have learnt. At a very young age, a child is likely to have a short attention span. If you can teach them the importance of listening and carrying out instructions however, then you can help them to alleviate any problems they might have experienced in the past through lack of discipline. Furthermore, the focus skills developed at the dojo will carry over to school and home.

Children will often find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, and they may also be amongst people who they do not know as well. Taking part in any kind of martial arts training will give them the chance to prepare for this. The sooner they are able to adjust to their surroundings, the sooner they will be able to interact with various other people. Children will learn about the true value of friendship through martial arts, and they will also understand teamwork. On top of this, they can also learn how to communicate which is ideal for kids who are shy or who have behavioral problems. The life skill of learning social skills in a supportive environment like the karate school may be one of the most important benefits of martial arts training.

It is also possible for your child to reap benefits such as bullying prevention. Through our classes, your child will learn how to recognize someone who is a bully and also understand why bullies act the way they do. They will learn how to stop themselves from becoming a victim as well, which is ideal for kids who find that they get picked on.

Predator prevention is another key element of martial arts training for kids. Not all predators are strangers, and sometimes it is someone who your family knows. The child predators out there are usually trying to trick children into dangerous situations. Our classes can help you to prepare your child for when they go to parties, stay with the babysitter, and also when they go to a sleepover. They will also be taught how to attract attention from an adult and how to use martial arts when trying to break free.

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We understand that enrolling your child in a new program can be difficult if you just don’t know where to start, or if you don’t know how interested your child actually is. That is why we will do everything we can to try and work with you and your child to ease them into the process so they can go at their own pace and take things in their own stride. Want to find out more about our team or how we can help you? Then the only thing that you have to do is get in touch with us today.  You can contact us at any time to ask any questions you have!



National Karate’s industry leading curriculum teaches both children and parents how to stay safe in a complex and dangerous world.


Our BULLY PREVENTION PROGRAM will teach our students and parents:

  • How to recognize who is a bully, what bully behavior looks like and understand why bullies are bullies.
  • How to prevent becoming a victim.
  • How to use martial arts as a last resort self-defense.
  • How to help other bully victims without becoming a victim yourself.
  • How to handle Cyber Bullying.
  • How to gain confidence by being empowered to protect yourself.


Our PREDATOR PREVENTION PROGRAM will teach our students and parents:

  • The “Stranger Danger” myth that not all predators are strangers but often people the family knows.
  • The Child Predator lures that are most frequently used to trick children.
  • How to prepare your child before going to a sleep over, birthday party or babysitter.
  • How to use martial arts to break free and run for help.
  • How to attract attention from other adults who can help.