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We can offer all Seminars as 1 time presentations or multi-session training classes.

Elementary school pupil being bullied

Our BULLY PREVENTION SEMINAR will teach our students and parents:

  • How to recognize who is a bully, what bully behavior looks like and understand why bullies are bullies.
  • How to prevent becoming a victim.
  • How to use martial arts as a last resort self-defense
  • How to help other bully victims without becoming a victim yourself
  • How to handle Cyber Bullying
  • How to gain confidence by being empowered to protect yourself.
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The PREDATOR PREVENTION SEMINAR will teach our students and parents:

  • The “Stranger Danger” myth that not all predators are strangers but often people the family knows.
  • The Child Predator lures that are most frequently used to trick children.
  • How to prepare your child before going to a sleep over, birthday party or babysitter.
  • How to use martial arts to break free and run for help.
  • How to attract attention from other adults who can help.

Our WOMEN’S SELF-DEFENSE SEMINAR will empower women and increase their confidence in their ability to effectively defend themselves.  They will learn:

  • Easy to learn physical techniques to defend against an attacker
  • How to use simple strategies to break free and escape from being grabbed
  • How to recognize potential dangers and ways to reduce risks
  • Verbal skills that can help prevent an assault
  • Studies show that women who are trained in self-defense are less likely to be victims

WHAT EVERY YOUNG WOMAN SHOULD KNOW BEFORE SHE GOES TO COLLEGE! will teach all the women’s self defense curriculum, plus…

  • One in five women will be a victim of some form of sexual assault while at college
  • How to be prepared for the new risks of being away at college
  • How to be aware of sexual assualt traps
  • How to recognize signs of unhealthy relationships and establish boundaries to increase safety
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If you would like to have our staff conduct a Seminar for your school, business, or community organization, click this contact us link or visit one of our 5 convenient locations.