Is karate expensive?

National Karate is committed to providing the best quality training available, yet keeping the classes affordable. NK is much less than other “lesson activities” like piano, ice-skating or gymnastics.

Will adults and kids be in the same classes?

No. While classes are very beneficial to both adults and children, the way you teach children is different from the way you teach adults. All of our classes are designed to be age appropriate.

Do I have to worry about my kids using karate at school?

No. We talk about using our skills responsibly every class. In 40 years of teaching martial arts, NK has never had a problem with children abusing their skills.

What ages do you teach?

We start children at 4 years of age and we have adults in their 70’s. We have had several people in their 60’s earn Black Belts.

How many days per week do students attend?

Our average student attends 2 days per week, although some come 1 day per week and some students come 6 days per week.

How many students are in each class?

On average we try to have a teacher to student ratio of one teacher to about 12-14 students. (Or less than ½ of the teacher / student ratio of public school classrooms.)

Do I have to be in good shape before I start your classes?

No. Our beginner program starts at a basic fitness level and we work you into better shape at your own pace.

Which is better for working out – Karate, Kickboxing or Krav Maga?

We teach all three in our schools and have testimonials that rave about all three programs. All three will burn fat, build muscle strength, develop cardio fitness, and make you look and feel great. The best way to find the answer is to try our one-month introductory class where you can try each class and decide for yourself.

Will your karate program help my child with his/her confidence and self-esteem?

Yes. Child psychologists tell us that the best way to develop positive self-esteem in kids is to have them in activities that work toward goals. And when they work hard and achieve those goals, they should be rewarded for that achievement. That is exactly what our innovative program has been designed to do. The confidence and life lessons they learn in our program will then transfer to academics, other sports and activity!