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Last week Mr. Mazzola and I traveled to Arkansas to attend the Krav Maga Elite Instructor Training course taught by the Krav Maga Association. We worked really hard over 3 full days and learned a lot to bring back to our staff and students!

Some of the training was on “Public Transportation Defense”(Airplanes, trains & buses), “3rd Party Defense” (How to protect someone else like a family member that has a gun or knife pulled on them), and “Active Shooter Defense” (Gun attack in the workplace or school). And of course, we did lots of hand to hand combat self-defense training. Click to see a clip of the “Active Shooter Drill” (You don’t want to be on the bottom of that pile.)


Sweat, rain, mud, aches, pain and Krav Maga…


On day 2 we trained in 8 hours of wet and cold rain. But self-defense doesn’t happen in perfect conditions so it was good to train out in the elements.

Servicemen, Police, Martial Arts Instructors and Pastors?

The people attending the course were an interesting mix of servicemen, policemen, martial arts instructors and nearly a dozen pastors who teach Krav Maga at their churches and on missions trips. All warriors and great people. Coincidentally, I will also be teaching Krav Maga on a mission trip to Romania this summer!  

It’s not a Krav Maga Seminar until something gets broke…

A couple of our Vets got carried away and threw each other through the wall. Oops! Krav Maga!

We were also joined by our National Karate brothers and sisters from Minnesota and Wisconsin

Special Thank You!

I want to say a special thank you to the fantastic Instructors at the Krav Maga Association! Thank you for the first class training we received. We had a blast and we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with our students!




Author: Master Cristian Nelson