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Benefits of Tournament Competition

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Benefits of Tournament Competition

  • Developing an individual’s complete ability cannot be accomplished without the tournament experience.
  • Competition is the best way to accelerate learning.
  • Tournament competition provides the most effective training for real self-defense, especially when combined with other aspects of training (Grab releases, pad strikes, etc.).
  • Learning to deal with “pressure.” Certainly there is no more pressure than a real life self-defense situation. Spontaneous defense and counter attacks against unfamiliar opponents will, hopefully, be the closest thing to a real life attack that one will ever have to experience.
  • In order to become more competitive, students often increase other types of training methods to improve physical conditioning and performance.
  • Tournament competitors develop respect, admiration, and friendships with others who share their interest in sport karate.
  • People who have participated in tournaments are far more effective when instructing others in sparring and in form.
    Great confidence may be developed as competitors overcome their fears and improve their skills. Given enough time, almost all participants will eventually experience success in competition.
  • People who participate in form competition develop poise and overcome their fear of performing in front of others.
Author: Master Cristian Nelson

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