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76 year old Grandmother Testing for 4th Degree Black Blet

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4th Degree Black Belt Granny

Pam Neil

Four years ago Pam Neil set the National Karate record as the oldest person to test for a Black Belt Degree at the age of 72! Now she is back at 76 testing for 4th Degree Black Belt!

To put this into perspective – out of 11,000 NK Black Belts she is the only person of that vintage to test for any degree of Black Belt.

Last time NBC did a really funny story on her you have to see. View NBC 5’s ‘Black Belt Granny!’ video.

Another special element of this test will be that there will be 3 generations of Black Belts testing as Ms. Neil’s daughter and grand daughter are also testing! See picture below.

 3 generations of Black Belts

You are invited to watch her and all our other amazing students this Saturday at 6:00PM at Bethel Baptist Church/Schaumburg Christian School at 200 N. Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL.

Admission is FREE. Hope to see you there!

Author: Master Cristian Nelson

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