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4 World Karate Champions!

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This year we had 4 National Karate of Chicago Instructors become NASKA WORLD CHAMPIONS! You can see their pictures on the sidebar to the left. Their names are Dominic Kraegel, Ashley Dahlquist, Jennifer Tohtz and Ross Cooke.

NASKA is the North American Sport Karate Association which is the sanctioning body of the biggest and most competitive sport karate circuit in the world. All year long these competitors have been traveling to the biggest tournaments in the country battling it out with the best of the best martial arts fighters! The more you win, the more points you get, and at the end of the season (which is now) whoever has the most wins and points is the World Champion!

If you would like to read more about these and our other competitors, you can visit our National Karate Competitor page on our website.

I am very proud of ALL our competitors for their hard work, sacrifice and humble attitudes. I would also like to thank our Tournament Coaches Mr. Dingmann, Ms. Tohtz and Mr. Price and our GREAT INSTRUCTORS for the influence they have had on our competitors.

Not every student wants to pursue the World Championship, but it’s nice to know that our NK schools can produce that kind of quality student at all levels!

Author: Master Cristian Nelson

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