Chicago Area Martial Arts Locations

About NK

National Karate is the largest and most prestigious martial arts organization in the Midwest but each school is locally owned and staffed with highly experienced instructors. With a reputation for being family friendly while producing quality martial artists and confident people, NK has earned respect throughout the nation.

The professional instructors at NK are among the best in America. They are highly skilled martial artists, as well as effective communicators and leaders. All NK instructors are certified Black Belts and graduates of the Instructor Degree program who are committed to excellence, and promise to provide the best Martial Arts training available anywhere.


In 1973, our first school opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota under the direction of Grand Masters and 9th Degree Black Belts, John Worley and Larry Carnahan.  With 22 locations in Minnesota, 5 in the western suburbs of Chicago
, and now a new location in Milwaukee, NK has become the largest martial arts organization in the Midwest.  NK has taught over 60,000 people and currently has over 6,000 active students.



National Karate is an “Americanized” form of Karate and Tae Kwon Do.  (Think Chuck Norris!)  “Americanized” means that instead of teaching just one style, we are open to teaching the best aspects of other styles of martial arts in our quest to give our students the best self-defense training available.

For instance, Judo has the best throws and take downs, so in addition to teaching Karate and Tae Kwon Do, we will also teach our students the best moves that Judo has to offer.  And Boxing has the best punching techniques, so we will teach our students how to throw jabs, punches and hooks and other boxing techniques.  We can also teach our students the best techniques from Akido, Kickboxing,  Kendo, Weapon defense etc.  It never gets boring, that’s for sure!

Our program also incorporates state of the art physical fitness training techniques so that while you are learning to defend yourself, you are also getting into the kind of physical condition you have always wanted.



One of the most important qualities in successful people is the possession of an unquenchable drive and determination. A spirit that never gives up, that never quits, and always keeps fighting. National Karate has been developing this indomitable spirit in people since 1973. That is why we are so proud of the men, women, and children who have achieved one of the most coveted and respected accomplishments in life…the rank of Black Belt!

Would you like to begin the exciting journey to developing an indomitable spirit and earn a Black Belt? All glory comes from daring to begin!



Our adult program utilizes innovative physical fitness training methods to help you get into the kind of shape you’ve always wanted. While you are reaching your fitness goals, you will also be learning the valuable skill of self-defense.  The key to sticking with a workout program is making it fun and keeping your mind engaged by setting and attaining goals and that is why your 45-minute workout fly’s by.  (Unlike the monotony of your treadmill or home gym.)



Our children’s program is designed to be more than just a recreation program. Our mission is to better prepare our children for the future by teaching them life skills that will help them to be achievers and people of character. Self-discipline, confidence, work ethic, integrity are just a few of the qualities that our young people develop. In addition, we teach our kids “stranger danger” self defense to protect them from child abductions.