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National Karate in Romania 2017

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Surprised to be in Romania for the 3rd Year!

Three years ago when I was asked to be part of a mission trip to serve in Romania by teaching karate and being a camp leader I was pretty excited but I had no idea that I would go more than one time. To my surprise, this year was my 3rd visit to Romania and it was so rewarding to see again the joy that our martial arts classes brought to the Romanian people. And now that I have had the opportunity to go there three years in a row and have hosted many of the Romanian leaders in my home here in America, it has become even more special because of the relationships that have developed. The Romanian people are wonderful and so sincere and honest in their feelings. And they love to laugh!  We could all use more of that.

Click to Watch a short Video of National Karate in Romania

Why Romania?

My church here in America partners with a church in Romania and our mission was to come along side the Romanian church and give support in resources and workers in order to provide a great camp experience and help young men and women grow in their faith. As you may know, Romania is a former communist country that has a struggling economy and the average family has little disposable income. Many cannot afford the luxury of going to summer camp. So part of my mission was to raise money for scholarships for youth to go to camp.  Under communism it was illegal to be a person of faith and religious teaching was outlawed. Now that communism is gone from their country the Romanian people are really interested to learn about what the Bible teaches and they are grateful to have the religious liberty of deciding for themselves. I admit, this is a liberty I have taken for granted here in the United States.

Pictures of Karate, Kickboxing and Krav Maga Classes

White and Gold Belt Graduation Classes


As with many serving opportunities, I went with the intention of serving my friends in Romania but I came back feeling like I was the one who was blessed. Thank you to my friends and martial arts students in Romania for being such gracious hosts to me and our team!

Author: Master Cristian Nelson