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Why Should I Encourage My Child to Earn a Black Belt?

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Competition1Competitive World. We live in a competitive society. As parents, our job is to equip our children with the life skills it will take to be able to survive in our competitive schools and market place. Our children will need self-discipline, confidence and perseverance to make it. They will need to understand how to set goals and how to work hard toward achievement. I cannot think of any better training for these life skills than getting a National Karate Black Belt!!!

Safety. We live in a dangerous world and we need to equip our children with the skills necessary to protect themselves. For instance I feel it is critical that my children learn to swim so they can drowning dangerprotect themselves if they ever fall in water. How bad would I feel if my child fell in a lake and drown because they did not know how to swim. While teaching them to swim does not guarantee they will never drown, at least we have done all we can do to prevent an accidental drowning. The same goes for self-defense. They need to learn to defend themselves so when they go off to college and are not under my protection they will be able save themselves. Again, while being a black belt will not guarantee their safety, at least we did all that we can do to give them the skills to protect themselves.

Investment. As you can tell, getting a National Karate Black Belt is more than just learning another “activity”. Getting a Black Belt is about Michael Drescher Instructorpreparing and protecting our children for the road ahead. It’s an investment in their future! How much is that investment worth? I believe it is priceless. It is certainly worth the effort to encourage our children to persevere and achieve a Black Belt.

Parent Support. I have never had a child or youth student get a Black Belt without their parents full support and encouragement. The kids who have parents who drop their child off and never come watch a karate class will never get a Black Belt. Getting a Black Belt is too hard for children to do on their own. They need support and encouragement to achieve great things. Don’t set you child up for failure by not giving them the support and encouragement they need.

Our Part. And for our part I can guarantee that all of our instructors and staff will do what ever they can to make karate class fun, help motivate our students, teach with energy and passion and to assist our families in achieving greatness! Bring them to class and we will do the rest!

Cristian Nelson
7th Degree Master

Author: Master Cristian Nelson

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