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Historic 10th Degree Black Belt Promotion!

  Recently I was fortunate to be allowed to sit on the Black Belt panel for a major moment in martial arts history. I witnessed the promotion of Grand Master Worley and GM Carnahan to martial arts highest rank – 10th Degree Black Belt! Who Is Eligible for 10th Degree? The 10th Degree is only…

Tenets, Etiquette & Safety

THE TENETS OF NATIONAL KARATE SCHOOL Only by facing our fears and understanding our weaknesses will we discover strength, confidence and security. We experience satisfaction and happiness as a result of our diligent effort to improve our art. We will be exhilarated by our efforts even if we are not immediately successful. Success, knowledge and…

Glossary & Belts

National Karate School Motto: Might For Right National Karate instructors stress that self-defense skills must never be misused or abused. Our school motto is ‘Might for Right,’ which means our karate is our Might and is only used for the Right reasons.       Traditional Commands: Charyo (CHAR-ee-oh)-Attention: Feet together, hands firmly to the side. Chunbi (CHOON-bee)-Ready: Stand…