Chicago Area Martial Arts Locations

Taryn Gombar

Instructor – Aurora

Staff_GombarTaryn Gombar began here karate training in 1996, just before her 4th birthday, at a Children’s World Learning Center which was an NK satellite location run by Ms. Pam Thomas. She later transferred to one of the main National Karate Schools to pursue her Black Belt under Master John Mazola. Ms Gombar discovered her gift for teaching when she enrolled in the NK Leadership Program and loved it so much she worked her way all the way up to Instructor! She earned her Black Belt and Instructor certification in 2004.

Taryn’s favorite tournament memory was her first when she was 4 years old as a Gold Stripe when she competed in the National Karate Championships. She earned 3rd Place and loved it so much that she has competed in every NK Tournament since.(2 per year) In fact, she hasn’t missed one in 18 years and holds the record for attending the most consecutive National Karate Championships!

Ms. Gombar has developed into a fantastic Instructor and earned the “Most Improved Instructor” award in 2012 and has earned “Outstanding Instructor” awards every year since 2009. She is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt and a very important part of the staff team at the Aurora National Karate.