Chicago Area Martial Arts Locations

Rita Langley

Director – Bloomingdale

Staff_LangleyRita Langley began taking cardio-kickboxing at National Karate in 1997.  She soon realized that she wanted more and liked the idea of challenging herself to earn a Black Belt.  She achieved that goal in February of 2001.  So she then set for herself another lofty goal – to become a martial arts instructor and maybe someday making that her career! Determined to make that happen, she then enrolled in the Assistant Instructor program and began assisting with classes and learning how to impact the lives of others.

When she became a certified Instructor she was put in charge of teaching and running several satellite programs for National Karate at day care centers and health clubs.  Little by little she was able to work her way in to more hours at teaching and less hours at her court reporting job.  Eventually she earned a full time position at the Bartlett School to fulfill her dream of leaving her day job and teaching martial arts with National Karate instead.

In September of 2009 she was promoted to the Director position of the Bloomingdale NK School.  She has continued to challenge herself and set goals for higher ranks of Black Belt and has so far achieved the rank of 4th Degree in January of 2010.  Ms. Langley is also a Certified Krav Maga Instructor.

In addition to training in the martial arts, Ms. Langley enjoys running and recently began swimming and biking.  One of her new goals is to complete a local triathlon possibly this year.  In December she became a Grandma and considers that her most prestigious title!