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Michael Drescher

Instructor – South Elgin

Michael Drescher Instructor

Michael Drescher started his martial arts adventure in August of 2000 when he was four years old. He earned his Child rank Black Belt in 2002 and continued to train earning his full Youth/Adult Black Belt in June of 2004, becoming one of the youngest students to earn an NK Black Belt. As a student he enrolled in the National Karate Leadership program where he excelled at helping others achieve their goals in the martial arts.  He worked his way up the program earning the Assistant Instructor title and then in 2009 he graduated to become a full Instructor.  He has earned several awards for his teaching abilities including the “Outstanding Asst. Instructor Award” and the “Outstanding “Instructor Award.”

Mr. Drescher has been a successful sport karate competitor winning so many trophies that they could no longer fit in his house.  Rather than put them in storage, he found satisfaction in donating them to one of the National Karate summer camps where the campers were thrilled to be able to win real trophies for the camp competitions.

In June of 2013, Mr. Drescher tested and was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt, becoming the youngest NK student to wear a Black Uniform. He is also a Krav Maga Certified Instructor.  Mr. Drescher says, “I love martial arts and I embrace all of the life skills I have gained through it. It has impacted my life academically, socially, physically, and psychologically. I have been doing this for seventeen years so far, and I have loved every second of it!”