Chicago Area Martial Arts Locations

Max Yousif

Instructor – Bloomongdale/Roselle

Max_YousifMax Yousif began his martial arts training when he was only 4 years old. He has always been a talented student with a great attitude. As he got older he entered the National Karate Leadership program where he learned how to help people through strong leadership. He worked his way up the ranks and and became an Assistant Instructor. In 2004 he earned both his Black Belt and also his Instructor Certification. Mr Yousif is a real National Karate success story as he recalls being a very shy child and teen, who has grown into a very outgoing and confident young man.

He has earned much recognition for his enthusiastic teaching, beginning with the “Most Improved Instructor Award” in 2006. Since then he has earned several “Outstanding Instructor” awards and in 2013 his school earned the “Masters Award” for excellence. Mr Yousif is an excellent sport karate competitor and his favorite tournament is the Diamond Nationals where he won his first trophy. He recently won the men’s Black Belt division at the Diamonds.

Mr Yousif is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt and enjoys helping his students grow and develop into strong and confident people.