Chicago Area Martial Arts Locations

Juli Brown

Instructor and Office Administrator – Bartlett

Staff_BrownJuli started training at martial arts training in January of 2006 and earned her 3rd Degree Black Belt in January of 2014.  She initially started taking classes at National Karate after watching her son and daughter participate for several years, and after being inspired by watching a Black Belt Exam.  She started karate later than many, at 38 years old.  However, she discovered a passion for the sport and enjoyed the physical and mental challenges of martial arts training.  As she continued training she also found rewards in mentoring and teaching other students.

Ms. Brown is a Certified Krav Maga Instructor and is a certified Women’s Self-Defense Instructor by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF) and specializes in teaching seminars at corporations, Junior High and High Schools and for special events at the National Karate Schools.  She has a Masters degree in social work, and prior to her work at National Karate she worked for 16 years as a counselor and advocate for women and children abuse survivors.  This background  inspires her commitment to help women and children develop the ability to personally defend themselves, increase their confidence, and discover their own strengths.

 Juli has been on staff with National Karate since June of 2009 as an Instructor and Office Administrator at the Bartlett school.  She has participated in numerous tournaments in Chicago, Wisconsin and Minnesota in both sparring and forms divisions.  In 2013 she began competing in NASKA (North America Sport Karate Association) which is the largest martial arts sanctioning body in America.  While fighting in NASKA she has placed in every tournament she has competed.