Chicago Area Martial Arts Locations

Cathy Drescher

Office Manager – South Elgin

Cathy Dresher - Office Manager at the National Karate South Elgin locationPerhaps no one understands the parent experience at National Karate more than Cathy Drescher.  In 2000 she enrolled her son at age 4 at the NK School in Bartlett, and has since then logged over 14 years of sitting in the lobby, attending tournaments and participating in every NK event possible.

This is what she says about how NK has impacted her family:

“National Karate is an extension of our family.  It has helped to shape my son Michael into the man he is today.  I have had the privilege of watching my son learn how to set goals and persevere until they were met.  He has learned to be patient, compassionate, and respectful, all while learning how to kick, punch and defend himself if needed.  The instructors who have trained my son are more than just people who have taught him martial art techniques; they are mentors and friends.  National Karate has positively influenced Michael as he has made his way through teenage years of hard decisions and peer pressures.  I am extremely grateful that Michael has had the support of National Karate throughout the past fourteen years.”

Cathy is a graduate of Oakton College and worked for many years at the Jewel Osco offices and is now the Office Manager at the National Karate South Elgin location.  She is passionate about helping NK help the community and has become the main point person in coordinating our many NK Community Service projects.