Chicago Area Martial Arts Locations

Kevin Ridens

Instructor – Aurora

Staff_RidensMr. Ridens has always been an exercise enthusiast and had spent many years training and competing in marathons. In 2007 he was intrigued with the idea of cross training his workouts with Cardio-Kickboxing. He loved the great workout that Kickboxing provides and liked the added benefit of learning the valuable skill of self defense while he got his exercise. He soon discovered that he wanted to take his training more seriously and added the martial arts classes to his workout regiment. In 2011 he earned both his Black Belt and his Instructor Certification and began his teaching career. He continues to train toward higher degrees of Black Belt and earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt in 2014.

Mr Ridens has distinguished himself an excellent fighter and a great motivator. He is passionate about helping his students reach their full potential and gain greater confidence.

Mr. Ridens brings his life experiences to his teaching and managing at National Karate. He has a business degree from University of Central Florida, was the Regional Manager with Whitehall Jewelers for 10 years, and is now in Management with 1st Choice Equipment. He also enjoys enriching lives through community service and volunteering. He is a volunteer basketball coach and a baseball coach. He is head of the “Greeter Team” at Harvest Bible Chapel Aurora, and leads a Men’s Bible Study.