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Lance Flight’s Karate Story…

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I recently promoted Mr. Lance Flight from Asst. Director to Co-Director of the South Elgin School and I thought our students might like to hear about his Karate story.  It’s a great story of how a boyhood dream of “becoming a Karate Instructor” was fulfilled and how National Karate has played a key role in developing him into the man that he is today.  Enjoy…

Lance Karate Kid 2

Lance Flight at 12 Years Old


The Dream

Lance Flight joined National Karate at the age of 12 and after only a few lessons, on the way home from class one day, he made a declaration to his mother, saying, “When I grow up I am going to be a Karate Instructor!” And he has since worked hard to make that dream a reality.  He earned his first degree black belt in 2003 and was so passionate about his training that he spent 5 days a week at the school. He loved Karate so much that he enrolled in the National Karate Leadership program and volunteered his time to help the under belt students achieve their goals.  His enthusiasm for the martial arts was also passed on to his five younger brothers and cousin – all of whom have also joined National Karate and three of them even work at NK as well!  As Mr. Flight got older he entered the Assistant Instructor program and graduated with full Instructor certification and therefore fulfilling his dream of becoming a Karate Instructor.

Lance Black Belt

Mr. Flight’s Black Belt Exam with Grand Master Worley and Master Nelson


Flight with J. Pat Burleson

The South Elgin Instructors with Grand Master Burleson

Climbing the Ladder

One of his first jobs was to teach and run several National Karate satellite locations at the Children’s World and Kinder Care daycare centers.  He continued to work his way up to becoming an Instructor at the Bartlett location and then the Assistant Director.  He then became the Assistant Director and Head Instructor at the South Elgin NK location.  He has earned many “Outstanding Instructor” awards and has been recognized for excellence in his Assistant Director position. For that reason, among many more he has been promoted to Co- Director of our South Elgin NK location. In 2014 Mr. Flight reached an important milestone when he celebrated his 10th year of employment with the National Karate Schools!

Flight You Tube Screen

Mr. Flight fighting at Diamond Nationals


Mr. Flight on YouTube

Mr. Flight has always been a strong sport karate competitor and his favorite tournament is the biggest in the nation, the Diamond Nationals, where he has placed or won his division nearly every year he attended. If you want to watch a You Tube video of Mr. Flight at the Diamond Nationals Click Here…(Mr. Flight is in the Red Uniform)  Did you see him hit that guy with the sweet spin hook kick? You can see a demonstration of his martial arts ability and athleticism by watching this video from his 4th Degree Black Belt Exam.  Click Here to Watch Mr. Flight Self-Defense Demo!

Community Service

Mr. Flight also has a passion for sharing the benefits of the martial arts as a community service to elementary schools, boy scouts, girl scouts, health fairs and businesses.  You should ask him to conduct a class at your organization. Click Here to see what kind of Seminars he can do for your school.

The “Other” Passion

Lance Flight Hockey

In his spare time, Mr. Flight likes to pursue his “other” passion for hockey. After joining Karate he noticed that his confidence skyrocketed and he became a much better hockey player thanks to what National Karate has taught him.

Full Circle

As a long time Instructor I really count it a privilege to pour into my students both young and old.  To help them become stronger, healthier, and more confident. One of my favorite things about my job is looking back and seeing all the kids who grow up to be hard working people of character and to see them becoming successful in their chosen field of endeavor.  And then it comes full circle when you see students like Lance Flight grow from being a boy to a man and the student becomes the teacher to his own students.  Congratulations Mr. Flight on your recent promotion and for seizing your dreams.

Author: Master Cristian Nelson