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The FBI Identifies Top 5 Lures Used by Child Predators

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There has been a lot of news about child abductions recently. It is a sad reflection on life today that our children are the targets of predatory behavior. Here is a scary fact: 2/3 of all CONVICTED sex offenders are not in jail, but live in our neighborhoods.

FBI Identified Top 5 Lures

But we can FIGHT BACK by training our children and youths in Stranger Danger Self-Defense. The first step is educating our kids in the “Lures” that Child Predators use. Here is a list of the top 5 Predator Lures identified by the FBI:

  1. The Helpless Lure- This is the person who needs help carrying boxes to his car, or to find a lost dog, or lost child.
  2. The Promise Lure- This is when the predator promises to take a child to Mommy or Daddy. Or perhaps promises a surprise or candy in the car.
  3. The Gift Giving Lure- This is the predator who gives a child candy, toys, money or other gifts.
  4. The Messenger Lure- This is when the predator tells the child that “Your Mommy was in a car accident” and the child is to go with them. Or “your mom asked me to pick you up today.”
  5. The Magician Lure-This is the predator who seemingly magically knows the child’s name, parent’s name or other information about the child – which makes the child believe this person can be trusted.

Role Play

We role-played in our class, but it is reinforced even better when parents practice with their kids. Pretend you are a stranger at the door. Pretend you are a stranger trying to pick them up from school or the mall. Teach them that it is OK to say no to adults (not Mom and Dad, but other adults).


Most abductions happen very quietly. Let your kids know that they have to attract attention by yelling “HELP STRANGER” so that the other people passing by know that the stranger is not the child’s dad.

Make Self-Defense Training a Priority!

Teach your child to get away from the predator by any means – including punching, kicking, scratching and biting! This is where Karate training kicks in. Make self-defense training a priority! Plus it’s fun and great for their confidence!

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Author: Master Cristian Nelson

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