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What Every Young Woman Should Know

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Did you know that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while at college? Women who take self-defense training are LESS likely to be targeted for physical, or sexual assault. They are more confident in their ability to react effectively in a threatening situation, and have skills they can use to stop an attack.
Join us this summer before heading off to school for a self-defense class designed specifically for college-aged women. Our classes emphasize an empowerment perspective. We teach practical, effective, and realistic self-defense techniques that any woman can use to increase her safety. We help women discover their own strength and voice – which you can use to stay safe!
This class will focus on giving young women information and tools to prepare them for the college environment. They will learn:
  • Strategies to use to reduce the risk of assault
  • How to respond if you feel uncomfortable or threatened
  • Physical self-defense techniques you can use to defend against an attacker
  • How to defend from possible attack scenarios like someone grabbing you, choking you, or pinning you to the ground

This Class was taught at South Elgin High School

Seminar Info:
  • Saturday, July 29 – 3-5:00 pm
  • Saturday, August 5 – 3-5:00 pm
  • Held at Bartlett National Karate location
  • Cost is $20 per attendee

This class is geared towards college-aged women, but could be appropriate for high school aged girls as well. Registration is required to save your spot. To register, contact us at Bartlett National Karate at 630.289.7777 or be email at juli@nationalkarate.com.

This class is taught by our Women’s Self-Defense Program Coordinator, Juli Brown. Ms. Brown is a third degree black belt in karate and instructor at Bartlett National Karate. She is also a certified Women’s Self-Defense instructor and certified Krav Maga instructor.
Author: Master Cristian Nelson